Parent Coordinator

Shameka Edgehill

Phone:(212) 996-3795 ext 2088

Parent Association President

Marisol Rivera

If you are a parent who lives with your child, or a custodial or non-custodial guardian, you can update your own cell phone number and email address in your NYC Schools Account, using the Emergency Contact page found under My Account.

The cell phone number you provide will be used by the DOE to contact you directly in the event of an emergency. We recommend reaching out to your child’s school to confirm that their records reflect your updated contact information and preferences.

When you sign in to your NYCSA account, you will see a pop-up message reminding you to update your emergency contact information, including your cell phone number and email address. You may click Update Now to go directly to the Emergency Contact page.

If you need to update your home phone number, you must contact your school directly to make the change(s), as this feature is not yet available.

Parent Association 2019/2020 Dates











Meetings will be held from 10am to 11am

SLT Meeting Dates

SLT Meeting Dates
• 12/19/19
• 1/16/20
• 2/27/20
• 3/19/20
• 4/23/20
• 5/21/20
• 6/18/20

The meeting will be held at 4pm on all dates.

Student Advisory & Family Advisory Council Dates

Student Advisory Council

10/17/19 @ Co-Op Tech

11/14/19@Harlem Renaissance H.S.

12/12/19 @ Mott Haven H.S.

2/27/20 @Aspirations

3/26/20@ Queens Academy H.S.

4/30/20 @ Harlem Renaissance H.S.

5/28/20 @ Co-op Tech

Time: 12pm-2pm

Family Advisory Council

10/17/19 Co-Op Tech

11/14/19@ Harlem Renaissance H.S.

12/12/19@Mott Haven H.S.

1/23/20@ Queens Academy H.S.

2/27/20@ Aspirations

4/30/20@ Harlem Renaissance H.S.

5/28/20@ Co-op Tech

Time: 10am-12pm