12/21/18 LYFE Family Engagement/Gifting Tree Event

Thank you to all the faculty and staff at both Harlem Renaissance and the Pathways to Graduation who supported the LYFE infants and toddlers this holiday season with your generous gifts.

Special mention and thanks go out to

Mrs. Cruz Harlem Renaissance AP, for ensuring each child had a gift.

Ms. Consuelo and Felix Natal – who conducted a toy drive with Toys for Tots and provided each child a toy.

Ms. Iesha Sekou, from I am Peace who linked LYFE with sponsor Cindy McGulvey from Columbia University’s Center on Addiction Research, who also provided each child with a toy.

and Lori Taylor Davis, Director Prolead Artistry  Smashbox  Cosmetics who provided each LYFE Student Parent with a cosmetic gift.

Ms. Whittaker